Here at Natural Family Health Care, we know it’s so hard to get all our nutrients in every day, especially if we are too sick, in pain and/or too tired to cook home made meals.

With so many fads and regimens to follow, it can be hard to understand what you REALLY need.

We start with an initial consult fee of $50 for up to a one hour visit.  On this visit we ask you  what kinds of food you eat most often, ask you to bring ALL your vitamin bottles from home and a list of any medications you take.  We ask about known family problems that might be genetic.   Our nutritional packages are customized for your specific needs.   The basic package for most people is a panel of blood tests (over 40 elements inc. CBC CMP, Cholesterol, thyroid, Vit D and more) for $199.  Other tests available are urine, hair and stool tests.  After all the necessary information is gathered from all available tests and diet histories, we charge a report fee of $50 to put together a written plan including diet suggestions and supplement advice.  We hope you buy supplements from us as we are confident in the quality of the trusted brands used by us and many other doctors.  We do want to disclose that we do make a little money from the sale of supplements.   We keep our consult fees low to balance this out.  If you choose to buy elsewhere, and don’t get the results we are looking for, then our first recommendation will be to try our brands and see if you get a different result.  On the flip side, some people start with our brands and once they are healthier, they try swapping out with cheaper alternatives and notice if anything gets worse.

What works for you may not work for someone else.  Also what didn’t work for someone else May work for you.  That’s why one size fits all programs on the market only help a certain percent of people. We customize your nutritional plan to ensure greatest chance of success.

We are proud to serve patients in Lockport, IL and the surrounding communities.

If you have any questions regarding our nutritional packages, contact us today at (815) 588-1110.