Hi! My name is Dr. Jill House.

I got my Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) degree at the National University of Health Sciences in 1996. Why Chiropractic? Through a bunch of personal and family situations, I was led down a path that opened my eyes to choices beyond synthetic drugs and surgeries. I felt it was what I was meant to do. Plus, I love learning and becoming a doctor kept me in school the longest! I still love what I do and keep on learning new things to help my patients, family and me.

The chiropractic philosophy of correcting the cause and not masking symptoms …

I also became a chiropractor for a more selfish reason. I’m at risk for getting Autoimmune diseases that run in my family. I saw how traditional medicine failed to help loved ones regain their full health, so I researched until I found a better answers. Functional Medicine is the new term for this. I regularly attend a local group with all kinds of doctors who learn from each other and think the same way I do. I can refer you to one of these brilliant minds, if you need them too. We run tests often not covered by insurance to get the answers we need. However the alternative is much more costly in the long run.

Lifestyle modifications to regain complete health are not always easy…

My personal issue was Gluten/wheat intolerance. So if I ask you to change a habit, believe you can. I will be there to help you get to the point you feel so much better, you won’t care about the old habits anymore. As I often seen in practice now, if adjustments don’t help enough by themselves, something is typically going on with digestion and/or inflammation. It may be lack of eating right, not being able to absorb what you do eat, or food ‘allergies’. Hidden infections are sometimes to blame, or just needing a good ol’ detox.

I was accepted at Loyola medical school, and almost became a Physical therapist before I learned about chiropractic. I chose National for my degree because of its strong scientific background. It had its own MRI machine, a big thing way back then for you young readers.

My husband and I both love taking our daughter on adventures, like Yellowstone in 2017. We like to have game night (non-electronic) with friends and family. I enjoy playing with our dogs, reading, gardening, photography, and visiting friends.

Living The Chiropractic Lifestyle

In my personal experience with chiropractic adjustments, I find once a month visits helps me stay at my best. After having been adjusted a lot in college, I usually only need 2 x week for 2 weeks then 1 x week for a couple weeks to fix any flare up I may have. I have to admit I have less backaches when I keep up with my core exercises, which helps me deal with leaning over patients all day. Chiropractic has helped me learn of a whole new world of treatments for problems, ones with less side effects and greater benefit than common practices from the past. As part of my family’s quest for better health we’ve implemented chiropractic into our lives. We rarely need medication. My daughter has been getting chiropractic check-ups since she was 4-months old and she is very physically active, generally very healthy and misses very few days from school due to illness. Chiropractic care can provide your child with a healthy advantage!

Enough about me! How can we help you?