Massage gift certificates: 

One hour for $60, exp. 12/23/19

Limit one per person.

Supplements: Stop in and see what’s on SALE.   When things get close to expiration dates, we want to see it used versus in the garbage can, so the savings can be really good!

Referrals: $10 off a massage for each referral that has shown up for an Exam with Dr. House and told us they came to us because of you.  THANKS!

Here at Natural Family Health Care, we are proud to provide affordable care for patients in Lockport, IL and the surrounding communities. We change these specials regularly, so make sure that you check the expiration date prior to redeeming your great deal!

We love giving our patients the opportunity to save some money and try something new.

If you have any questions regarding our specials, click here or call / text us at (815) 588-1110.